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10 Ft Quadro Pop Up w/2 Photo Murals


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10 Ft Pop Up Displays w/2 Photo Murals | Pop Up Display
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SKU: 10 ft Quadro w/2 photo murals
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  • 10 Ft Quadro Premium Pop Up
  • Panels: fabric choice of 18 colors
  • Packaging: Molded Shipping Case
  • Lights: 200 watt Halogen
  • Case to Counter Kit: Fabric - Included
  • Display Size: 117"W x 90.5"H x 12"D
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  • 10 Ft Quadro Premium Pop Up
  • Quadro Pop Up Frame
  • Display Size: 117"W x 90.5"H x 12"D
  • Roto Molded Shipping Case
  • (2) 200 watt halogen lights
  • (2) Lambda Photo Murals
  • (4) Fabric Panels


  • 10 Ft Quadro Pop Up
  • Square Tube Extruded Aluminum Frame
  • Fabric Panels in 18 color choices
Price: $2,935.00

The 10’ Quadro Premium Pop Up Displays with 2 Photo Murals you see in this section of are manufactured in Portland by Classic Exhibits; one of the last remaining manufacturers of portable trade show displays left in the U.S. Each of the lines of portable and modular displays that Classic manufacturers, were designed over a 18 year period of time and all of Classic's many new display lines have been designed to have maximum structural strength in each component. This guarantees a products' longevity; which is a trademark of all Classic built systems. For years Classic’s product lines have been marketed through a national distributor network and now those same product lines are available at attractive discounts on the internet.

One of the wonderful things about distributing products from a company like Classic, lies in the fact that you have access to a large number of trade show display systems to choose from, and every display can be manufactured to a customer's specific tastes. You always be ordering products to match the clients needs and not just a stock number!

The ability by Classic to quickly manufacture what you need, is due in part to their amazing display manufacturing plant in Portland, Oregon, which not only has the normal power equipment such as 6 paint spray booths, an overhead CNC router, plus a CNC milling machine, and a CNC aluminum bending machine. Classic can do about everything!

As I’m sure that you are aware , in the trade show manufacturing business due dates are extremely important, and having a display manufacturing partner who can meet all your deadlines is paramount. I don’t think there is anyone else in this business who that will work with you on your projects and will go to bat for you and get the job done right, like Classic does!  

Over the past few years, ShopForExhibits has grown to be a major retailer of trade show booths on the web, since they are regarded as being a company with uncommon knowledge of this dynamic industry. Lowell Nickens, who is the owner of SFE, began his career in the trade show business by starting a trade show decorating business called Classic Exposition which he ran for 10 years before selling the decorating business to GES. From there, he created an display manufacturing business called Classic Exhibits which he operated for 21 years before going into the internet business selling exhibits.Most of the product lines that Classic sold before 2006 were systems that Lowell developed himself, and the knowledge of all the products he sells can be an invaluable resource in deciding on which product you should invest in. Please take a look at our website and the portable displays  we sell and pick up the phone and call with any questions you might have.