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3 Ft VBurst Straight Frame 1x3 Pop Up Display

VBurst Pop Up Display | 3’ V Burst Straight Frame
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SKU: Burst1x3
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  • Burst 1 x 3 Straight Frame
  • Burst Carry Bag
  • Dye Sublimation Graphic
  • 87.75" x 30.5" w/o End Caps
  • 87.75" x 55.5" w End Caps


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  • 1 x 3 Straight Frame
  • With or Without End Caps
  • Burst Carry Bag
  • Lights are Optional


  • 1 x 3 Straight Frame
  • Burst Carry Bag
  • Printing Process is Kaleidoscope Select-Seamless  
Price: $677.00

The 3’ VBurst Straight Frame 1x3 trade show displays come with a seamless Kaleidoscope Select Graphic attached with Velcro to the Face of the Curved Frame. End VBurst Replacement Panels are not included in price.

Optima Graphics, in Fenton, Missouri, distributor of the 3’ V Burst  Pop Up Displays ,seems to have achieved the acclaim as “graphics supplier of choice” for the majority of those distributors who work primarily in the trade show exhibits industry. How did such a small company in the 80’s grow to be such a giant in the industry today? To begin with, Jim Hoffman, founder and president of Optima Graphics, developed a culture within his company that initiated extraordinary service to the customers, and a commitment to bring to market, new cutting edge products. He then aggressively went out with these new systems and put them into the showrooms of every retailer of trade show products in the nation to demonstrate their value and utility in the market. Over the years, Jim kept offering new products and innovative ways of doing existing things which kept his message fresh in the minds of his distributors. Those in the trade show industry realize that our business is a lot about meeting unattainable delivery deadlines. In this regard, Optima is the king when it comes to fast service at a great price. Finally, it should be said that the culture at Optima is conducive to attracting a group of great people who work hard to serve their customers and meet the needs of the distributor network they serve. So, for those of us in the trade show business, Optima has earned out loyalty over and over, and I’m sure we'll continue to work with them in the future. 

In the past few years, ShopForExhibits has developed to be a major retailer of portable displays over the internet, and are recognized as a company that is familiar with every aspect of the trade show business from firsthand experience;  Lowell Nickens, who owns SFE, got his training in the trade show industry by first creating and running a trade show contracting business for 10 years which was later purchased by GES. For 21 years he was president of Classic Exhibits which he started before changing direction by going into the online display business. Because Lowell, created or developed so many of the products Classic Exhibits sold himself, his insights can be a huge asset in determining what would be the best solutions for your particular display needs. After looking at the products we sell, please feel free to call and let us answer your questions.