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3 x 3 VBurst Flat Replacement Graphics

Pop Up Trade Show Display | VBurst Replacement Graphic 3x3 Flat
Pop Up Trade Show Display | VBurst Replacement Graphic 3x3 Flat with Endcaps
SKU: 3 x 3 VBurst Flat
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Printed Replacement Graphic in hight resolution dye sublimation Colossus 8 color printing

Price: $1,099.00

3 x 3 VBurst Flat Replacement Graphics: Reprint any of the Vburst graphics such as the 3 x 3 with or without the end caps. 

ShopForExhibits is delighted to carry the VBurst pop up trade show display, whose unique feature is that the whole back wall graphic uses Velcro to attach it to the pop up framework, and the graphic remains on the frame during shipping. The VBurst comes in either the curved and straight frame models. Once the framework has been opened, the graphic stretches over the hubs which the dye sublimation graphic is attached to with Velcro; and creates a professional looking image. The VBurst™ is available with or without end panels. Should you want end caps, they are easy to attach and makes the purchase a little less money.

Optima Graphics has become, the undisputed leading graphic supplier in the trade show display industry, for those businesses that purchase graphics for their organizations and trade show customers. What did the phenomenal growth in sales come from, which propelled Optima upward to achieve their lofty position of prominence ? To begin with, Jim Hoffman, founder and president of Optima Graphics, developed a culture within his company that initiated extraordinary service to the customers, and a dedication to bring to market, new high tech products. He then aggressively went out with these new systems and put them into the showrooms of every distributor of trade show products in the country to demonstrate their value and utility in the market. As time went on, Optima kept coming out with new and creative products which continued creating new opportunities for the company. To really differentiate Optima, they became known for the fastest turnaround times in the industry. In this regard, Optima is the leader when it comes to fast service at a fair price. Everyone at Optima it appears, is friendly and truly wants to serve the customers, which speaks well for our clients. So, Finally, due to the unbelievable record of exceptional service that Optima provides, there’s no doubt where I’m taking my business.