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4 x 3 VBurst Curved Replacement Graphics

Pop Up Trade Show Display | VBurst Replacement Graphic 4x3 Curved
SKU: 4 x 3 VBurst
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Printed Replacement Graphic in hight resolution dye sublimation Colossus 8 color printing

Price: $1,424.00

4 x 3 VBurst Curved Replacement Graphics:  You've got a big display and a big message, so why not make sure your message is always current by frequently refreshing it with a replacement graphbic from

The VBurst is a graphic pop-up displays system with a dye sub graphic already fastened to the framework utilizing Velcro and stays connected to the frame during tear down and shipping. The VBurst pop up trade show display is sold in both the curved and straight frame configurations. After the framework is set up, the graphic will have stretched over the fame which produces at flat smooth image over the whole display. V Burst comes without end panels but you can add them if you desire to. If you want end panels, they just wrap around the end of the frame and velcro onto the back hubs.

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