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5 x 3 VBurst Flat Replacement Graphics

Pop Up Trade Show Display | VBurst Replacement Graphic 5x3 Flat
Pop Up Trade Show Display | VBurst Replacement Graphic 5x3 Flat with Endcaps
SKU: 5 x 3 VBurst Flat
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Printed Replacement Graphic in hight resolution dye sublimation Colossus 8 color printing

Price: $1,831.00

5 x 3 VBurst Flat Replacement Graphics: Even this largest of the VBurst displays has replacement graphics which you can have in hand within 5 days!

The VBurst is a fabric pop-up display system with a fabric image already fastened to the frame using Velcro which stays connected to the frame during tear down and shipping.  It can be bought as either a flat wall or curved display. After the frame is set up, the graphic will have stretched over the fame which produces at flat smooth image over the whole display. The VBurst™ is available with or without end panels. If you want end panels, they just wrap around the end of the frame and velcro onto the back hubs.

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