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6 Foot Mega Retractor Wide Banner Stand

6 Ft Mega Retractable Banner Stand | Banner Stands
SKU: Mega 6
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  • 6 Foot Mega Retractor Wide Banner Stand
  • Graphic Area: 83"H x 70.5"W
  • Product Size: 86.25"H x 10.25"D x 71.25"W
  • 13 oz. Vinyl Graphic
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  • 6 Foot Mega Retractor Wide Banner Stand
  • Retractor Display
  • Banner Graphic
  • Carry Case


  • 6 Foot Mega Retractor Wide Banner Stand
  • Large Scale High Visibility Banner Stand

Graphic Dimensions

83"H x 70.5"W

Price: $849.00

6 Foot Mega Retractor Wide Banner Stand  Project your message on a grand scale with our Mega Retractor banner stands! High resolution and vivid color on a grand scale. 13 ounce vinyl banner graphic retracts into the base for protection. Comes in 3 different sizes; 5 foot, 6 foot, and 8 foot.

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