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Black Nylon Case w/Core Tube


Black Nylon Case w/Core Tube

One of the front runners in the online retailers of trade show displays,, continues to expand what they make available to their nationwide clientele, through their display rentals program which was begun only two short years ago, and the new tension fabric products. In order to support the business increase which they forecast for the future, SFE has recently gone live with a new web site that gives an enhanced level of customer support in the way of video demos and enhanced product support. Faced with uncertain economic challenges, the web based trade show exhibit retailers such as ShopForExhibits, are working diligently to provide not only reasonable price points for their products, but exceptional values in terms of ways of visually imaging a businesses' message, to quickly move prospects to make a buying decision. The majority of people in the trade show business will struggle in the coming months to successfully market new offerings such as modular hybrid displays, but because of their years of experience in the trade show industry, coupled with their competitive web site skills, SFE looks to have what it takes to come out ahead.

One of the major vendors of trade show graphic products is Optima Graphics in Fenton, Missouri; whose reputation is providing services and products in a very unique manner How are they different from the rest of their competition? First and foremost, Optima understands their customer’s needs, both as a retailer, and a business partner, with a focus on the long term goals of the respective businesses and not the short term trials. They work unceasingly to be the obvious supplier of choice in the trade show display marketplace, by cultivating the relationship, first and foremost. They have an ability to consistently deliver above and beyond through great planning, providing information on present issues, and a consistent flow of new products for the future. From past to present, Optima has brought great new technologies to market such as what they did with high end photo mural panels printed with Lambda technology for pop up displays. Take note of the dozens of new products they’ve introduced over the years such as the Compass and Sales Mate Table Top Displays, and the VBurst pop up display to name a few. Optima Graphics has certainly made a big difference in the delivery of product to the trade show industry.  







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  • Manufacturer: Optima Graphics
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  • Warranty: Quality of Construction & Workmanship


Black Nylon Case w/Core Tube

  • 5.75" x 40.5" -2.8 lbs
  • 5.75" x 48" -3.3 lbs


 Black Nylon Case w/Core Tube

  • Lightweight Affordable Banner Stand Case for Single Banner Stand

Shipping Information

Weight: 4lb
Dimensions: 6in x 6in x 40in

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