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DM-0971 20 Foot Visionary Designs


DM-0971 20 Foot Visionary Designs: The Visions extrusions that compose the lightweight framework, allow it to be cost-effective when shipping and gives you an ease of set up, irrespective of the staff members you have available to help you. The proof of a good display system can for the most part, be confirmed by how economical the exhibit is to service, such as in purchasing replacement graphics, and the time frame in which it takes to receive them. You will soon learn that the best manufacturers in the exhibit business such as Classic Exhibits, who manufactures the Visions lineup of displays, understands service and through their dealer network such as ShopForExhibits, carry out that way of doing business to the total delight of the customer.

The world of web sites that are specifically structured for retail sales is a relatively new phenomenon of the world we live in, but relatively few people can really understand the challenges of an online business that sells everything from pop up displays to banner stands. In a typical online shopping experience, many products can be ordered with custom colors, and many times items will also have customer specific graphics and some which come with many custom attachments. Now, in addition to the many product add-ons, the product must ship in less than 10 days, and most of the time they will need to ship overnight in order to meet the show opening. Our final selection of a supplier, demands that they be organized enough to handle all types of adversity, and the competitor in the market who probably does this the best is Classic Exhibits.

Classic Exhibits, who has been manufacturing show displays and trade show flooring in excess of a quarter century, has become one of the elite manufacturers in our industry, and has created a great many products that retailers want to sell. For the most part, large distributors in our industry often buy from overseas and deliver the product to a warehouse and then when ordered, are pulled from the shelf and shipped, which are for the most part, just cookie cutter exhibit displays. Classic Exhibits has perfected many models of custom inline displays such as the Perfect 10 Modular Displays, as well as many products in the tension fabric displays line. With a great manufacturing partner like Classic, ShopForDisplays can be confident of their future.

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  • (2) Large Rectangle Headers
  • (1) Casual Conference Area
  • (3) Backwall Counters with Locking Door
  • (2) MOD-1312 Portable iPad Kiosks with Dual Anti-theft Locks
  • (4) Plex Shelves on Backwall
  • (4) Puck Lights
  • (1) Large Monitor Mounter
  • (2) Small Monitor Mounts
  • Includes All Tension Fabric and Direct Print Graphics Shown
  • Includes Case/Crate Option with Customized Packaging
  • Excludes Monitors, iPads, and Furniture 


  • Engineered Aluminum Structure
  • Large Format Tension Fabric Graphics
  • Made in the USA
  • See VK-1105 for the 10 x 10 Version  

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