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G-Case, Graphic Display Shipping Case


G-Case, Graphic Display Shipping Case:  Made for all sizes of banner stand display cases or flex graphics, and come in a variety of prices and sizes; all with heavy duty construction and wheels for easy maneuverability. Each exhibit display case can accommodate approximately 3 retractable banner stands in a variety of lengths. 

Optima Graphics, who is a supplier of graphics for trade show display retailers, delivers their products and services in a unique manner than most. What's the difference? Above everything else, Optima understands your challenges as a vendor and business owner, and elects to focus their attention instead on the long term relations which helps them overcome momentary difficulties. Their goal in the marketplace is to be the leading supplier, and to achieve that goal through exceptional service and careful execution of product delivery with the customer/business partner relationship, always in mind. They have an capability to consistently deliver above and beyond through great planning, providing information on present issues, and a consistent flow of new products for the future. Optima has continued to push the envelope as far as quality, like they did with pop up displays and the high end Lambda photo murals that they produced for them rather than ink jet murals. Take note of the dozens of new products they’ve introduced over the years such as tension fabric displays, and the VBurst pop up display to name a few. Optima Graphics has certainly made a big difference in the delivery of product to the trade show industry.

In the warp speed world of on line trade show exhibit merchandising, you can distinguish your business by bringing your focus down to the personal level and truly try and serve your clients. At ShopForExhibits we must understand that we are the people who are given the task to ask questions too, and find out what the client's objectives are for the product they're attempting to purchase. Even though time sometimes gets a little short, we have to be ready to take a step back and make the time to walk our clients through their purchases, which will create the good will that will continually bring them back as repeat customers. When you call us at ShopForExhibits, you can expect our sales professionals to be knowledgeable, and to be able to advise you appropriately in the trade show display products that you are interested in

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  • Manufacturer: Optima Graphics
  • Lead Time: Same Day
  • Warranty: Quality of Construction & Workmanship


G-Case Graphic Display Case Size Options:

  • 12" x 38"
  • 12" x 50"
  • 16" x 42"
  • 16" x 50"
  • 12" x 72"


G-Case, Graphic Display Shipping Case

  • Offered in a variety of Heights and Diameter
  • Standard with Side Carry Handle & Shoulder Strap
  • Each case has Wheels for Ease of Movement  

Shipping Information

Weight: 18lb
Dimensions: 15in x 15in x 42in

Note: Shipping costs are estimated. We reserve the right to make adjustments once the order is placed and specific costs can be determined. For more information click here.

Shipping Rates

3 Day:$262.70
2 Day:$350.59
Priority Overnight:$480.32
1st Priority:$516.47