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MOD-1230 Workstation


MOD-1230 Workstation: The dozens of kiosks and workstations you'll see on Shopforexhibits are fully customizable and the normal ship time is 10 working days!

ShopForExhibits, a long time retailer of trade show displays and display cases, continues to broaden its' internet product lines with improved product offerings such as trade show flooring, and the exciting new exhibits in the modular hybrid displays line. To keep pace with the business activity they project in the future, has just gone live with an entirely new web site which presents prospective customers with an elevated level of product support along with product videos and product templates. Many challenges lie ahead for marketing professionals in this frantic paced industry, which is often confronted with reacting to a variety of business downturns, due to the uncertain economy. Not every business will succeed in successfully bringing new products such as tension fabric displays, to market via the internet, but ShopForExhibits has positioned themselves in a positive way through their industry and product experience, and on line communication skills, to have the best possible opportunity to succeed in this most competitive industry.

 Adapting to changing market conditions is what every great supplier must do, and Classic Exhibits, to the elation of their trade show exhibit distributor network, has proven their ability to accomplish just that. What did Classic see that gave them the inspiration to forge ahead during uncertain times to create new marketable products? By careful observation of their own business over time, they became aware of the fact that certain aluminum extrusions had much greater value in cost per running foot of metal than other shapes, and concluded that utilizing those particular shapes in new product development could bring great returns in the marketplace. As Classic moved forward based on good gut level instincts and a little careful planning, they've been able to bring to market a whole group of successful displays that have all brought new life into the custom modular hybrid displays segment of the trade show display industry. Classic developed and patented the Perfect 10 custom modular hybrid display system, plus the Sacagawea and Magellan Miracle tension fabric displays. Those distributors of trade show exhibit products who represent the Classic Exhibits line, now have a very impressive selection of distinctive display products from which to select from.











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  • Manufacturer: Classic Exhibits, Inc
  • Lead Time: 10 Working Days
  • Setup Time: 15-30 minutes
  • Warranty: Lifetime


MOD-1230 Workstation

  •  36" W x 22" D x 65" H
  •  (2) Plex Shelves
  •  (4) Aluminum Brochure Holders
  •  Hundreds of Laminate Finishes
  •  Modular Construction
  •  Excludes Monitor, Monitor Mount, and Graphics
  •  Excludes Case and Packaging

Portable Modular Assembly: Hex Key Connections (tool included)

Shipping Information

Weight: 90lb
Dimensions: 26in x 11in x 56in

Note: Shipping costs are estimated. We reserve the right to make adjustments once the order is placed and specific costs can be determined. For more information click here.

Shipping Rates

3 Day:$448.13
2 Day:$561.07
Priority Overnight:$791.54
1st Priority:$827.69