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MOD-1250 Backlit 3-D Banner Stands

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MOD-1250 Backlit 3-D Banner Stands  3D Banner Stands from Classic Exhibits are unlike any other banner stands. Our 3D Banner Stands do more than just stand there. They get you noticed. Graphics detach in seconds so you can easily change your exhibit marketing campaign from trade show to trade show. Every 3D Banner Stand packs flat and assembles in minutes. Choose from three distinct, attention-grabbing styles.

Classic Exhibits has developed a number of new outstanding products in the past few years that capitalize on lighter weight materials such as extruded aluminum and dye sublimation fabric, to bring new market driven products to the trade show display industry. How did Classic create the right formula for success in the wake of a turbulent economy over the past 4 years? By carefully observing of their own business over time, they realized that certain aluminum extrusions had significantly greater value in cost per running foot of metal than other shapes, and concluded that utilizing those particular shapes in new product development could bring great returns in the marketplace. Their ingenuity and resourcefulness have spawned several entire series of custom modular hybrid displays and given the market something new to look at. You may have heard of some of the excellent new lines that Classic Exhibits developed recently, starting with the Perfect 10 and Magellan Miracle tension fabric display systems, followed up with the Sacagawea custom modular hybrid display system. As a result of all the great new exhibit lines that Classic has to offer, it’s no surprise that Classic holds a leadership position in the market with their group of distributors, and appears not to be slowing down one bit as they charge into the future!

As a long time retailer of products related to trade show displays, ShopForExhibits has broadened their product lines to include new product offerings in the pop up displays line, along with additional products in the retractable banner stands line. To keep up with the business activity they expect in the future, has recently gone live with an entirely new web site which provides prospective clients with an elevated level of product information along with product videos and graphic templates. Facing uncertain economic challenges, the web based trade show exhibit retailers such as ShopForExhibits, are working diligently to provide not only reasonable price points for their products, but exceptional values in terms of ways of graphically portraying a businesses' message, to quickly move prospects to make a buying decision. Successfully bringing new products to market such as the new tension fabric displays, isn't as easy as one would think, but due to their background with display products and online marketing, has positioned themselves to lead the pack and be a successful competitor in this industry.








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  • Manufacturer: Classic Exhibits, Inc
  • Lead Time: 3 Days from File Approval
  • Setup Time: 5 minutes
  • Warranty: Lifetime


  • MOD-1250 Backlit 3-D Banner Stands
  • MODUL Aluminum Extrusion Frame
  • Modular or Portable Construction
  • Includes Backlit Graphics -Go Backlit Inkjet w/15 mil Lexan
  • Excludes Case and Packaging


  • MOD-1250 Backlit 3-D Banner Stands
  • Modular or Portable Construction
  • Dims:48’ W x 72” H x 5” D (excluding base plates)

Graphic Dimensions

48"w x 72"h

Shipping Information

Weight: 45lb
Dimensions: 78in x 17in x 6in

Note: Shipping costs are estimated. We reserve the right to make adjustments once the order is placed and specific costs can be determined. For more information click here.

Shipping Rates

3 Day:$226.57
2 Day:$303.82
Priority Overnight:$400.76
1st Priority:$436.23