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MOD-1252 Backlit 3-D Banner Stands

Banner Stands | MOD-1252  Backlit 3-D Banner Stands
Banner Stands | MOD-1252  Backlit 3-D Banner StandsBanner Stands | MOD-1252  Backlit 3-D Banner StandsBanner Stands | MOD-1252  Backlit 3-D Banner StandsBanner Stands | MOD-1252 Backlit 3-D Banner Stands
SKU: MOD-1252 Backlit 3-D Banner Stands


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  • MOD-1252 Backlit 3-D Banner Stands
  • Two-Sided Backlit Tower
  • 6-Foot High and 2-Feet Wide
  • Includes Backlit Graphics
  • Modular or Portable Construction
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  • MOD-1252  Backlit 3-D Banner Stands
  • MODUL Aluminum Extrusion Frame
  • Modular or Portable Construction
  • Includes Backlit Graphics -Go Backlit Inkjet w/15 mil Lexan
  • Excludes Case and Packaging


  • MOD-1252 Backlit 3-D Banner Stands
  • Modular or Portable Construction
  • Dims:48’ W x 72” H x 5” D (excluding base plates

Graphic Dimensions

24"w x 72"24' W x 72” H x 5” D (excluding base plates)

Price: $1,486.00

MOD-1252 Backlit 3-D Banner Stands  3D Banner Stands from Classic Exhibits are unlike any other banner stands. Our 3D Banner Stands do more than just stand there. They get you noticed. Graphics detach in seconds so you can easily change your exhibit marketing campaign from trade show to trade show. Every 3D Banner Stand packs flat and assembles in minutes. Choose from three distinct, attention-grabbing styles.

 Adapting to shifting market conditions is what every great supplier is required to do, and Classic Exhibits, to the delight of their trade show display distributor network, has shown their ability to accomplish just that. What steps did they take to achieve success during a time where not a lot of new innovation was coming out in the trade show industry? While other competitors were developing new exhibits with bulkier, large shape extrusions, and building sturdier structures, Classic realized that certain metal that they had in inventory could offer attractive new price points if utilized in future product offerings. With the help of a imaginative staff and a solid vision of the future, they've been able to bring to market, a series of well received new lines of custom modular hybrid displays. Some of the more well received products that were developed during this 2 year period of time were the patented Perfect 10, Magellan Miracle, and the Sacagawea custom modular hybrid displays; all instances of the new surge of tension fabric displays in the trade show market. Right now, Classic is being very aggressive in the market when compared with other producers of trade show displays, which has put them in a leadership position where they will be well prepared to be a market leader as they head into the future.

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