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Panoramic Bases


Panoramic Bases: In the exhibit display world an ample supply of trade show related products and high end graphics are always available for even the most active distributor.

That’s the good news! Well not really. You'll find that most of the companies that service the show displays market don't even know what they're actual roll should be. Optima Graphics is one of the notable few who understand their roll in the relationship and how they need to structure their business to serve them. Why does this appear to be such a difficult task for most companies? My observations tell me that trouble like this normally begins at the top of the food chain where a manager figures that they have such a good deal for distributors, and the best thing for them is having an inventory of pre packed exhibits in brown corrugated cartons up on the shelves, just waiting for an order. In this type of arrangement senior management has per determined what length of time everything takes, how each thing should appear, and if there is an exception, can be done differently.

Optima has taken time to think it through and uses a much more reasonable approach. They have a close enough relationship with their dealers that they know what they face and have decided to try and lighten their load and not add to it. Much of the time, the problems they deal with are not too great however if you added all the little ones together they would amount to a lot of frustration. This proves that by taking care of your distributors at the ground level, they will love you forever!












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  • Manufacturer: Optima Graphics
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  • Setup Time: 5 minutes
  • Warranty: Lifetime

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