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Panoramic Full Graphic Systems

Panoramic Full Graphic Systems: The revolutionary full wrap graphic system that puts the power of exhibit design, start to finish, in your hands. Think beyond the structure - if you could, what would you create? Panoramic™ isn’t just a graphic is the graphic. It is the design. (more below)  

Continued from above: Design that surpasses all visual frame restrictions. Utilizing SEG - Silicon Edge Graphics - your designs will encompass the entire display as a complete canvas. Fabric Dye Sub Graphics that completely cover the entire structure with your message. Think about the possibilities. One large graphic...a beautiful blank canvas just waiting for your creativity to explode without limits.

Optima Graphics, who is a supplier of display graphics for trade show distributors delivers their products and services in a different manner than most. What's the difference? They totally comprehend the big business picture which is to concentrate on the long term success of the business relationship with their customers, while at the same time tending to the immediate challenges of the day to day delivery of products and services. They work unceasingly to be the obvious supplier of choice in the trade show exhibit marketplace, by cultivating the relationship, first and foremost. They have an ability to consistently deliver above and beyond through great planning, providing information on present issues, and a consistent flow of new products for the future. Years ago, it was Optimas' bold move into the Lambda printing technology which is used in photo murals for pop up displays, that really got everyone's attention in the exhibit industry. One of the many wonderful technologies that they’ve utilized that we take for granted, are dye sublimation products that are used with the VBurst display,which has revolutionized and revitalized the pop up displays segment of the market. Optima has certainly had a positive impact on the products that flow into the exhibit market.

The job of serving our clients who are looking for trade show exhibits is an vital roll in our exhibit displays business. We must understand that we are the sales professionals who are given the task to ask questions too, and learn what the client's goals are for the display systems they're attempting to purchase. Most of our customers who come to us are needing advise on what products to choose and which ones will work best in the particular situation that they're in. When you call us at ShopForExhibits, you can expect our sales professionals to know what they're talking about, and to be able to advise you appropriately in the display products that you are interested in