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Quadro Pop Up Display Monitor Mount Kit

Display Accessories | Monitor Mount Kit
Display Accessories | Monitor Mount KitDisplay Accessories | Monitor Mount Kit
SKU: Quadro Pop Up Display Monitor Mount Kit
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Quadro Pop Up Display Monitor Mount Kit

  • Monitor Mount
  • Keyboard Shelf
  • Laptop Shelf
  • All Hardware Needed
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Quadro Pop Up Display Monitor Mount Kit

  • VESA hardware bracket that mounts to the back of your flatscreen monitor. Monitor must come factory equipped with the ability to accept VESA wall mounts
  • Specially modified channel bar which mates with key holes on commercial mount bracket
  • 4 Additional channel bars for laptop shelf
  • one curved frame shelf and 2 shelf brackets
  • notches in fabric panels to receive hardware that attaches to monitor mount
  • Keyboard Shelf 27" x 9" for the curve frame 29.3/8" x 9" for the straight frame, plus two slotted channel bars for attachment purposes -Height Adjustable.  


Quadro Pop Up Display Monitor Mount Kit

  • Mounts to any row or rows of channel bars regardless of location
  • Fabric or mural panels should always be installed before mounting hardware
  • Not recommended for monitors weighing over 15 pounds
  • Add one monitor, or a whole wall of sight and sounds  

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Price: $499.00

Quadro Pop Up Display Monitor Mount Kit: The monitor Kit provides all the hardware needed to attach your flat screen monitor to the Quadro  pop up displays frame and create a spectacular presentation! 

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