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Skyblade Outdoor Banners

Outdoor Banners | Skyblade Outdoor Banners
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Skyblade Outdoor Banners

  • Custom hardware widths not available.
  • Double Sided banner has blocker between graphics
  • Graphic available in Dacron or Weave
  • Printed in Kaleidoscope Select & Colossus (4 color)
  • Price is for Hardware ONLY- Graphic in addition. 
  • Ask Us For a Shipping Quote. Shipping is Calculated on a Case by Case Basis.  
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Skyblade Outdoor Banners

  • Do not set up the Skyblade in winds exceeding 20 mph. Due to the uncertainty of wind gusts it is strongly recommended that additional weight or anchoring be added.
  • Custom hardware widths not available
  • Hardware supplied at cost and is not discountable
  • Price is for Hardware ONLY - Graphic is Extra  


Skyblade Outdoor Banners

  • Mounted with standard weighted base
  • Mounted with snow or soil stake 
  • Quantity discounts available for graphics
  • Regular Size - 6'6"
  • Super Size - 9'8"
  • Giant Size - 13'

Graphic Dimensions

Skyblade Outdoor Banners

  • Regular Final Size : 40,5 x 70.75", Live Area 37.75 x 68.75" 
Price: $464.00

Skyblade Outdoor Banners™ is a lightweight and portable flag banner stand is perfect for outdoor events. The SkyBlade™ holds up in 40 mph wind with either the weighted base or ground stake. For higher winds add additional weight. With one or multiple units and three different heights available your message will have exceptional visibility for all to see.

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