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Wood Crates


Wood Crates: A well made wood crate will give you years of service with very little upkeep! 

With trade show display labor rates so high, custom wood crates are perfect for moving partly assembled displays into the show hall to cut down on some of the overtime labor or for just being able to package large volumes of exhibit items in one container. Built to last, our wood crates are durable and easy to maintain year after year and show after show. 

One of the front runners in the online retailers of trade show displays, ShopForExhibits, continues to expand what they provide their nationwide clientele, through their display rentals program which was begun only two short years ago, and the new tension fabric products. In order to support the business increase which they forecast for the future, SFE has recently gone live with a new web site that delivers an enhanced level of customer support in the way of video demos and enhanced product information. Many challenges lie ahead for marketing professionals in this fast paced industry, which is often confronted with reacting to a variety of business downturns, due to the uncertain economy. Not every business is able to successfully bring new products such as tension fabric displays, to market via the internet, but ShopForExhibits has positioned themselves in a positive way through their industry and product experience, and on line communication skills, to have the best results in this most competitive industry.

Nothing is quite as sure as change, which is why having a trade show display provider like Classic Exhibits has enabled so many distributors weather the difficult economic times through the development of so many new high demand products. What moves did they make to achieve success during a time where not a lot of new innovation was coming out in the trade show industry? By carefully observing of their own business over time, they realized that certain aluminum extrusions had appreciably greater value in cost per running foot of metal than other shapes, and concluded that utilizing those particular shapes in future product development could bring great sales results in the marketplace. As Classic proceeded ahead based on good intuition and some careful planning, they were able to bring to market a whole group of successful display products that have all injected new life into the custom modular hybrid displays segment of the trade show industry. Some of the more impressive product lines that were developed during this time frame were the patented Perfect 10, Magellan Miracle, and the Sacagawea  custom modular hybrid displays; all instances of the new trend of tension fabric displays in the trade show market. As a result of all the great new trade show exhibit product offerings that Classic has available, it’s no wonder that Classic holds a leadership position in the market with their group of distributors, and appears not to be letting up one bit as they charge into the future!











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  • Manufacturer: Classic Exhibits, Inc
  • Lead Time: 5 days
  • Setup Time: 5 minutes
  • Warranty: Quality of Construction & Workmanship


Wood Crates

Crates are manufactured to Customers Needs


Wood Crates

Crates are manufactured to Customers Needs

Shipping Information

Weight: 196lb
Dimensions: 61in x 28in x 57in

Note: Shipping costs are estimated. We reserve the right to make adjustments once the order is placed and specific costs can be determined. For more information click here.