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Xpressions SNAP 1x3 Replacement Panels

Pop Up Trade Show Display | Xpressions XSNAP Replacement Panel 1x3 Flat
Pop Up Trade Show Display | Xpressions Replacement Panel 1x3 Double ThreadPop Up Trade Show Display | Xpressions Replacement Panel 1x3 ThreadPop Up Trade Show Display | Xpressions XSNAP Replacement Panel 1x3 Backer
SKU: XSNAP 1x3 Panel
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  • Vibrant Dye-Sublimation Graphics
  • XSNAP 1x3 Flat Front
  • XSNAP 1x3 Double Thread
  • XSNAP 1x3 Single Twist
  • XSNAP 1x3 Thread
  • XSNAP 1x3 Flat Backer
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  • Your Choice of Configuration:
  • Flat Front
  • Double Thread
  • Single Twist
  • Vertical Thread
  • Flat Backer


Vibrant Dye-Sublimation Graphics

Price: $487.00

Xpressions SNAP Displays Replacement Panel Pricing

When you go out into the market to explore the many opportunities in buying a exhibit booth, none will jump out at you quite like the Xpression's Snap display system. Upon first inspection you're not certain what you've got, but when you notice the versatility that the Xpression's Snap replacement panels has when it comes to being able to interchange skins and quickly change them out at a very reasonable cost, the value becomes evident right away. The Xpression's Snap has great versatility, it is no wonder that it has become such a popular product in the showrooms of so many trade show display retailers across the country.

Optima Graphics, in Fenton, Missouri, appears to have attained the acclaim as graphics supplier of choice for the greatest number of those distributors who work full time in the trade show industry. How did such a small graphics shop in the 80s grow to be such a giant in the industry today? In the early years of Optima, when Jim Hoffman had just started the business, he had an understanding of what the trade show market could use in terms of graphic products and production times, and with the aid of some great products, was able to supply the market exactly what it wanted. Jim knew that new products was one avenue to differentiate Optima from competitors, but he was establishing more than that to offer people who did business with him. Those in the exhibit industry realize that our business is a lot about meeting unachievable delivery deadlines. Optima has set the standard of achievement so high for their competitors in that regard, that it's difficult for others to compete with them in the category that matters most; fast turn-around times. Finally, it should be said that the culture at Optima is conducive to attracting a group of real nice people who work hard to serve their customers and meet the needs of the distributor network they serve. So, when it comes to suppliers in the industry who are dedicated to the trade show associates they serve, Optima wins hands down, each and every time.

As the online trade show exhibit business keeps expanding, ShopForExhibits has become a significant retailer in the online exhibit business, and are recognized as a business that is knowledgeable of every facet of the trade show business from firsthand experience. Lowell Nickens, who is president of SFE, got his education in the trade show business by first starting and running a trade show contracting business for 10 years which was later sold to GES. For 21 years he was president of Classic Exhibits which he created before changing direction by going into the internet display business. Most of the product lines that Classic distributed before 2006 were systems that Lowell created himself, and the knowledge of all the products he sells on his website can be an invaluable resource in deciding which system you should purchase. After looking at the displays we sell, please give us a call and let us hear your thoughts and questions.