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Display Rentals

There's normally a time in the life of a company who marketd their brand at Trade Shows, when you'll find yourself needing to consider display rentals. Perhaps you’re either trying to attend two trade shows in different parts of the country at almost the same time, or you decide to venture out and sign up for a larger booth at a particular show and just don't feel that a purchase is feasible; that’s when a trade show display rental is of great value.

Trade Show Displays | Display RentalsAfter all, managing your costs is a vital ingredient in running a successful business. Cost containment options are always in too short of supply when considering trade shows; that's why Shopforexhibits has introduced a line of high profile rental booths and display rentals for just such an occasion.

Far too often, however, when considering trade show display rentals, you find yourself getting worked up over the possibility of looking like a rental exhibit and end up embarrassing yourself in front of your peers. 

Trade Show Displays | Display Rental

The exhibits that Shopforexhibits have created for you are stunning 16' Modular Hybrid towers complete with floor to ceiling graphics and your name in lights at the top. Top that off with stunning workstations, which accommodate monitors, keyboards, and even large plasma monitors on each side of the tower to tell your story with.

You don't ever need to feel apprehensive about renting an exhibit when renting from Shopforexhibits; instead you'll be the talk of the show and it won't cost you a fortune either. We can package an entire 20 x 20' trade show island booth in one crate which can ship from coast to coast for less than $1,000 each way and the drayage costs are reasonable too. In addition to that, two men can set it up in less than 5 hours each which makes display rentals a real bargain.

Come visit our trade show display rentals section on our web site and see what we can offer.