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Display Stands

This general category called display stands, describes products that can vastly improve your sales performance at trade shows. At a trade show image is everything. If you are trying to get new customers or creating brand awareness for your company you will need a booth or display that shows your company’s products or services in the most professional manner.

There are hundreds of display stands available at ShopForExhibits that will help you design the perfect advertisement or presentation. Our dedicated staff offers years of professional experience in helping you create an effective trade show display.

 Trade Show Displays | Display Stands

Modular Trade Show Display Stands

Modular display stands, (left), give you amazing possibilities. The luxury of customizing your stand gives you an edge over other fixed or constructed display stands. Your modular display stand can change to suit every venue, giving you the best possible visual impact.

As your needs grow you can easily add panels to a modular display stand system. Most proprietary modular display systems have modules that clip together or can be fastened together using a dedicated tool. This makes setting up or packing up an exhibit much less time consuming than with pre-fabricated display stands.

Pop-up Displays

Pop-up display stands, (right), are ideal for open areas at trade-shows where the exhibitor is free to construct their own walls. The frames are either integrated into the panel and fold out with the panels during construction, or they can be stored separately in a reinforced flight case. Modern pop-up display stands have lightweight aluminum frames and Velcro® receptive fabric panels or laminated photomural panels.

Display stand frames are easy to assemble. Usually they just unfold concertina style and can be locked in place with fasteners on the frame itself or with a tool supplied with the display stand.

 Trade Show Displays | Display Stands

Natural curves

The old square box type of display stands is rapidly fading at modern trade shows. Natural curves and interesting designs make customers take more interest in the products on display. Display Stands that have curved wall panels, (above), and frames are ideal for focusing attention on a presenter or on a digital display like a projector screen or omputer monitor. Isolating a speaker from the surrounding noise is also important; a display stand with a curved rear wall helps shield noise without putting the presenter in a box. Curved display stands are a stylish option and help your company stand out from the crowd.

Display stand colors

Black is the most popular colors for display stands, but blue and grey are also effective and go well with most display materials. The color of the display stand should be chosen to complement your company’s corporate image.

There are literally hundreds of accessories available for display stands. Display lights clip on to the display stand and accentuate the images or products on display. Snap-together splash panels and display panels add extra impact and can be custom printed. Pop Up Case to Counter Conversion Kits offer a quick way to add a presentation surface to a display stand. This type of display stands fold flat when not needed, easing the burden of transport.