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Magellan Miracle Trade Show Displays

Magellan Miracle Trade Show Displays are synomonouos with "Style" and attention to detail in the creation of a whole new generation of portable trade show displays that not only looks great, but also are in a price range that is sure to please shoppers that are more used to gettiing sticker shock than value these days.

Trade Show Displays | Magellan Miracle DisplaysThe Magellan Miracle trade show displays utilize a light weight metal that can be connected together via "hand turned" locking devices rather than an Allen Wrench. That's a big leg up on the competition. Second, being able to attach the velcro to the frame from the back while the frame is resting on it's face is HUGE! No Ladder!!! And because they're light weight, it's not one of those back breakers that you're used to with traditional modular displays.

The final befefit is the great job Classic Exhibits did with the packaging. All Magellan Miracle Trade Show Displays components are carefully stored in deep pockets of high desnisty foam which not orly organizes the contents of each case, but also protect the contents of each case and isures the product reaches the destination safely and at an economical price. So, when you're in the market for a smart new cutting edge exhibit, check out the great new offerings in the Magellan Miracle Trade Show Displays line at