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Outdoor Banner Stands

Outdoor Advertising Products such as outdoor banner stands have always been a little tricky to say the very least, and more often than not, down right dangereous most of the time due to the unpredictable nature of the wind. Quite often any attempt to put an advertising message in front of the public on a windy day is like hoisting a giant sail on a very small boat, because the outcome is about the same.

Trade Show Displays | Outdoor Banner StandsNow there are outdoor banner stands that can tackle the elements without fear of blowing down or blowing away. The Multiscreen 2 Banner Stand from Optima not only has a big message with a graphic size of 33.25" x 79", but also has a base weight of over 36 pounds to begin the process of counteracting the inclement weather; but wait, there's more. The Multiscreen 2 Banner Stand also has a built in spring mechanism that allows the mast of the banner stand to flex and bend over in high winds and straighten up as the winds subside. Pretty cleaver huh? Quite often people will ask if a product will perform well outdoors; which is most instances will never happen becasue Mother Nature is just too unpreductable and the extremes you see in different places in the country make designing something for all climates just too impractical.

So, how do you know this product really works? Well, Optima did a good job of field testing their new outdoor banner stands before they were introduced into the market several years ago. They created a banner, installed it in the new Multiscreen 2 product, and then put it out on the lawn during a cold Midwest winter and let it sit. Needless to say, it passed the test with flying colors and now the outdoor banner stands are a staple in the elite line up of banner stands from Optima Grahics.