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Pop Up Trade Show Exhibits

Pop up trade show exhibits offer unique marketing solutions for exhibitors of all sizes, while attracting attention toward a company’s products and services. Pop up displays for trade show exhibits can be featured independently or they can be used alternatively in conjunction with other trade show displays, namely, banner stands and literature displays.

Pop up trade show exhibits function primarily as a marketing tool to attract potential customers and to increase business productivity. They are advantageous in certain aspects but do also have certain disadvantages. Pop Up Trade Show Exhibits | Portable Displays

Advantages of Pop up trade show exhibits are that they are stylish, lightweight, durable and easy to assemble. They can contain a singular graphic image or may contain multiple images depending on your requirements. If you purchase interchangeable photo mural panels, you can refresh your graphics by simply replacing your panels instead of replacing the whole display. Pop up trade show exhibits are also easily transportable and can be managed by one or two people at a time. Pop up trade show exhibits available in various sizes and when custom fitted with lighting, are an immediate attraction. Add some accessories to your booth and you’ll be the talk of the town. For example, mounting a flat panel monitor to your pop up exhibit is a fantastic addition to your visual display. By adding a monitor mount to your pop up display, a presentation DVD playing continuously now becomes inclusive, instead of just something sitting on a separate table. This gets your company’s message across in an attractive and unobtrusive fashion.

Trade Show Displays | Pop Up DisplaysSo then, what are its disadvantages?

One of the main drawbacks of pop-up displays is that once purchased accordingly, they cannot be resized. This means that your pop up will need to be able to function with its available resources at all times and will not be able to be made smaller or larger. A second disadvantage that one faces with a pop up display is that they are not as popular as another type of trade show display, namely flat panel tabel top displays, (right). This form of trade show display is more durable than a pop-up display. Pop up trade show exhibits are popular for utilizing flat panel table top displays as they too cover a large surface area and unlike the pop up displays, are found in many adjustable shapes and sizes. Flat panel table tops are easily stored in briefcase styled cases and are therefore easily transportable.

Pop up trade show exhibits are cost effective, attract attention to any business’ offerings and are utilized by companies from around the globe. If you set your display apart from the others by adding attractive graphics, a little bit of technology (flat panel monitor), and some color and zest, you are guaranteed a successful marketing campaign.