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Portable Show Displays

Portable Show Displays are a great long-term investment for any company who promotes their products and services outside of their office environment. Many businesses who have transported standard displays may have found that they are difficult to maintain and that transportation costs can drain your budget pretty quick.

Trade Show Displays | Portable DisplaysPortable Show Displays are therefore easily transportable, are quick to assemble, practical to use and attractive to the potential customer. Although a portable displays' initial cost might seem excessive at first, in the end you will be saving on shipping and maintenance costs and at the same time working with functional items.

Portable Show Displays come in a vast assortment of models. These include banner stands, (left), pop up displays and literature racks. Each of these portable displays serves an individual function and can be used singularly or in conjunction with one another. An advantage of these portable displays is that they are lightweight, durable and easy to assemble. They also are able to be custom made by manufacturers to suit your individual requirements. Portable displays are available in a variety of materials and depending on your purchase may range from plastic and vinyl to fabric and aluminum.

Trade Show Displays | Portable DisplaysMany people purchase what they think to be a portable display but in the end, they are left with a bulky, cumbersome display that requires more attention than necessary A few features to take note of when selecting a portable display would be how small the display is when in its broken down and in it’s case. Generally, portable displays should be able to fit into one or two boxes at the most. Secondly, the weight of the display needs to be considered. Generally, portable displays should be able to be carried by a single person with ease. If your display is extremely heavy, it may become problematic for luggage transportation on a plane or bus. Lastly, you should consider the durability of your display. Cases for portable displays tend to be more durable than standard display cases. This is because they need to be moved and assembled on a regular basis. A portable display case should not be made from a material that can damage easily and should be able to fulfill its function for a relatively long period of time.

Portable Show Displays can be utilized for many purposes. Although they are most popular for trade shows, they are able to perform marketing promotions throughout the business year. Portable displays can be used at local festivals, carnivals, in your office environment and even in the mall. If you are able to locate a functional space for promotions then your portable displays will be able to travel with you and will eventually become one of your primary marketing tools.