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Portable Trade Show Displays

Portable trade show displays and tradeshow booths in general are a popular tool used by various businesses in order to promote their product and/or services. Unfortunately, while they are great vehicles to use at major industry events, custom booths are expensive to transport, and set-up and tend to be quite heavy. If promoting a business product entails exhibiting at smaller industry events, then portable trade show displays are ideal.

Trade Show Displays | Portable Trade Show Display

They are lightweight, durable and are quick and easy to set-up, even by a single person. A large variety of portable trade show displays are available on the market; they range from pop-up displays to banner stands and literature racks. The purpose of any portable trade show display is to attract attention to a company, whether it is a new product on the market or a business service offered.

One form of portable trade show displays is the pop-up display, (right). Generally, portable trade show displays contain graphic images and are available in two forms, namely tabletop displays and floor displays. The advantage of pop-up displays is that they can be used as singular attractions for a trade show display or they can even form part of a larger exhibit trade show display.

Trade Show Displays | Portable DisplaysPortable trade show displays in the form of banner stands, (below), are ideal for any company who wishes to have a visual representation to market their business. Banner stands come in varying sizes but the most popular for transporting are retractable banner stands. They are made from either vinyl or fabric and they can display up to three images at a time. Banner stands are usually as large as the average person in size is and when retracted into their cassette they can fit over one’s shoulder. Some retractable banner stands are purchasable with removable cassettes, which mean that one can remove and replace graphics as required.

Portable trade show displays usually capture a company’s look and feel. They are therefore able to attract customers even when they are not within their own business environment. Portable trade show displays are advantageous because when transported, they form part of the luggage and most can fit into a box. They are excellent marketing tools for any business who wishes to expand their services across the country and even across the world. Many of these displays are custom made to suit each company’s individual needs.