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Trade Show Booths

Let's say that your company is launching a new product line at its' annual trade show and has placed you in charge of procuring a new trade show booths to help market your product. If you are reading this entry, then odds are you are in desperate need of some professional help. At ShopForExhibits, you are welcomed with open arms by people who feel your pain and know how just how to cure it.

Trade Show Displays | Trade Show BoothsIn the past 40 years, trade shows have become a very important marketing tool for many businesses. Trade shows have become like interstate highways, with thousands of people walking through the doors on a daily basis. Because of this, trade show booths have become quite competitive in an industry where image is everything. After all, the exhibit that catches the most attention is the exhibit that will possibly be doing the most sales. It has become an art to set up a successful trade show booth, especially with vision and creativity standing between your success and failure.

So where do you begin? The best place to start is to determine what size of trade show booths you require. How big is your exhibit area? The size of the trade show booth is important for various reasons. Firstly, larger trade show booths, like a 20 x 20 Serpentine Pop-up display, (left), get better positioning on the show floor. Larger booths are also more visible to the public. Bigger trade show booths allow you to accommodate more customers to sell to, a bigger booth also enhances the customer flow inside your booth. Larger booths can allow for a partition, which means a private space can be created for high profile customers who wish to conduct their business out of the way of the rest of the trade show.

Trade Show Displays | Trade Show BannerOnce you have determined the size trade show booths that you will need, you will then need to make a decision on what type of display you are looking to use. This could become quite tricky because it is not always the size of the trade show booths, but the type displays used to draw attention to them that matter the most. There are many displays to choose from. You have your traditional table top displays, full height pop up displays, flat panel fabric displays, (right), banner stands and more recently wall graphic displays. And these are only a few choices of the many that are available to you.

By now you must be thinking that trade show booths are actually more difficult to set up than what it looks like. Think again!  At ShopForExhibits, we specialize in helping you set up the perfect trade show booths We are literally a tradeshow superstore that can cater to all your needs and give you the best service and advice for your next trade show. What's more is that ShopForExhibits can also offer you accessories for you trade show booth to help you generate even more sales.

Our dedicated team of professionals can help you determine the best trade show booths to purchase that will catch the attention of everyone that walks past your display. We know exactly what works and how to make any small changes that will capture a larger audience. We can give you ideas on graphics and wording that will get your point across to the market effectively. We even offer graphic design services if you find yourself needing a little help bringing your vision to life. ShopForExhibits will offer you the widest choice of quality trade show booths at the best price, coupled with service that you won't find anywhere else. So what are you waiting for...Give us a call!