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Counters, Pedestals, Kiosks & Workstations

Counters & Pedestals Kiosks & Workstations:  Sometimes a fancy trade show exhibit booth  can only do so much in presenting your products and  ideas;

which is when you look toward a category of products called Counters, Pedestals, Kiosks, and Workstations for assistnace. 

 These 4 categorys of trade show exhibit products are charged with bringing your presentatiuon to life and providing the details to your customers soas to move them to buy your products from you and not your competitors. But what's the difference in these four catetgories and what purpose do each focus on and contrubute toward in the final analysis?

  • Counters are normally constructed to be 38 inches in height by a variety of widths, with Counters & Pedestals Kiosks & Workstationswork surfaces to display products and to distribute literature from. 
  • Pedestals are normally smaller than counters as far as far as the Counters & Pedestals Kiosks & Workstationssize of the top that fits over the panels below, and can be from 38 to 42 inches in height and often provides the user with a place to place literature or a spot on which forms may be filled out on. 
  • Kiosks normally will be a provider of information which usually is over 5 or 6 feet tall and will always have a surface where Counters & Pedestals Kiosks & Workstationsinformation can be viewed whether it's on a monitor or graphic surface.
  • Workstations seem to always be an exhibit which is multi Counters & Pedestals Kiosks & Workstationsfunctional such as having a monitor plus a writing surface or keyboards area with a mouse. They will normally be over 6 feet tall in order to mount a monitor at eye level. But how are these exhibits packaged to protect them but to also make for an easy set up retardless of the circumstances. Most all of these trade show exhibit product can be broken down and will fit inside normal roto molded shipping cases. In most instances, the exhibit itself will be reduced to more pieces than normal in cases verses if it were to be packaged in a crate. When utilizing a create, you have the building expense which is about double the packaging expense for the molded cases, but you also experience that savings of not having to do any assembly work by just being able to slide the counter out and put it in place and you're finished. The beauty about all of these is because Classic Exhibits is the original manufacturer here in the United States, all these trade show exhibits can all be customized to fit your specific needs; all at an affordable price. 

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