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Display Rentals

Display Rentals

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Display Rentals | Trade Show Displays by ShopForExhibits

 If you are looking for a rental booth that will be MEMORABLE

Which also happens to be ECONOMICAL

And gives you an end result that is totally PREDICTABLE


Many of our rental displays feature pricing that includes the cost of shipping and labor. 

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The Best Rental Exhibit

For years there has been a struggle between exhibit manufacturers and exhibitors to find that sweet spot where a rental exhibit offers the extreme visual impact that every exhibitor wants, but in achieving it doesn't require so many shipping crates and hours of set up labor, not to speak of the cost of material handling at show site, that the booth you chose is no longer economically viable. 

Aluminum extrusion systems have been great to a point, but the labor has always been a killer. In other words, to buy a booth that has a strong physical presence, but you always find yourself going over that 4-hour labor minimum per person. So what is the "optimum" situation that gives exhibitors the most bang for their buck? 

  • Start with creating a system where there are no parts and pieces to assemble; only subassemblies.
  • Everything for a 20 x 20 booth has to fit in one (1) crate including counters closet doors etc.
  • You can ship your booth from coast to coast in one crate with dims of 4' x 4' x 8',  for at or about $1,000. Then any size booth less than a 20 x 20' could probably be shipped in a smaller crate for less.
  • Because the booth is modular, an island could easily be set up with 2 men in less than 4 hours and most any inline booth could be set by 1 man in less than 4 hours. 
  • Since the system doesn't have wood construction, the weight of the booth will always be less than the dimensional weight of the crate which is very good when it comes to material handling charges which are weight based. 

The product that satisfies the above criteria is The Gravitee Display System by Classic Exhibits. Classic, long known for their superior products and solutions in the modular display segment of the industry, and superior packaging/crating solutions, has combined years of knowledge in the portable and modular display business to create a product that can be a perfect stand-alone system, and is also able to easily connect to existing systems to provide real custom appeal. 

See all the Gravitee possibilities in 10, 20, and island displays at 

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