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10 Ft Kit 2 Full Ht. Straight Frame Pop Up


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10 Ft Kit 2 Straight Frame Pop Up Displays | Pop Up Display
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SKU: QD-141
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  • 10' Quadro L-Shaped Straight Frame 
  • Panels: fabric choice of 18 colors
  • Packaging: Oval Molded Shipping Case
  • Lights: Optional - 200 watt Halogen
  • Case to Counter Kit: Optional
  • Display Size: 108"W x 90"H x 82"D
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  • 10 ft. Quadro L-Shaped Straight Frame
  • Display Size: 108"W x 90"H x 82"D
  • (1) 1 x 3 Frame
  • (1) 3 x 3 Frame
  • (1) Frame Connector
  • (2) Oval Roto Molded Shipping Case
  • (2) Front Frontrunner/Prelude Fabric Panels
  • (1) Radius End Frontrunner/Prelude Fabric Panel
  • (1) Flat End Frontrunner/Prelude Fabric Panel
  • (1) Frontrunner/Prelude Fabric Connector Panel


  • Square Tube Extruded Aluminum Frame
  • Fabric Panels in 18 color choices
Price: $1,899.00

 The Quadro 10' Kit 2 Full Ht. Straight Frame pop up display that you see on the pages of,  are assembled in Portland by Classic Exhibits; one of the few remaining manufacturers of trade show displays left in the U.S. The product lines that Classic manufactures were created over a period of almost 2 decades and all of Classic's many new products have been designed with maximum structural strength in every part. This guarantees a products' long life span which is a trademark of all Classic built systems. The Classic's display lines have been successfully marketed for 25 years through their own distributor network and now can be purchased online at great discounts and no sales tax either.

A huge advantage for any distributor when it comes to working with Classic, lies in the fact that you have the availability of a large number of display systems to choose from , and each display can be manufactured to a client's specific tastes . You won’t ever be selecting a stock number out of a catalog!

The ability of a company like Classic to have precisely what you need is a result of their high tech manufacturing plant which is truly amazing which has the normal automated machines such as paint booths, an overhead CNC router, plus a CNC milling machine, and an aluminum bending machine. Classic can do about everything!

As we are all aware , in the trade show industry, due dates are extremely important, and having a manufacturer who can quick turn an exhibit around in record time is important too.. I don’t think there is anyone else in this industry who that is willing and able to work with you on your clients jobs and will always make a distributor look good like Classic does!    

The continuous increase of online sales of trade show exhibits and display rentals  has given ShopForExhibits an chance to shine in an industry which they are quite familiar with;  and openly offers each of their customers sound advice based on actual experience. The owner of ShopForExhibits, Lowell Nickens, has owned a retail exhibit firm, in addition to creating a trade show contracting business and operating it for 10 years after which he started a display manufacturing company called Classic Exhibits; which he was president of for 21 years.Having been in the display business for so long, and having invented or developed so many systems over that length of time, Nickens' expertise will be a useful resource in the selection of your next exhibit. Please look at ShopForExhibits and the display systems we sell and give us a call with any thoughts you might have.