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3 Quad Sales Mate Pop Up Table Top Displays

3 Quad Sales Mate Pop Up Table Top Displays:  The SalesMate table top display system  and the 3 Quad SalesMate is a excellent one on one tool that can feature significant information graphically in a one on one presentation while reinforcing your corporate brand. Sales people often need a sales tool to help give their presentation a lift, and just as important, to keep the customer’s eye on corporate identify and significant features while the sales presentation is being executed. (more below)

Set up is a snap, and tear down is just as easy!  Replacing your graphics is fast and easy as well, which means you can have a custom message for each appointment. It's head and shoulders above other types of portable displays and conveniently fits It is so compact that it is the no hassle display for all sorts of presentation applications. 

ShopForExhibits, a long time seller of trade show displays, continues to broaden its' web site product lines with improved product offerings such as trade show flooring, and the exciting new exhibits in the custom modular hybrid displays line. To keep pace with the business activity they forecast in the future, has just gone live with an entirely new web site which delivers prospective customers with an elevated level of product information along with product videos and product templates. Due to the current economic climate, that is anything but predictable, online retailers have to be flexible in what they offer trade show exhibitors as well has being sensitive to the declining price point that organizations are able to pay for trade show related products. Accomplishing success in any business climate requires a high level of product knowledge and marketing skill in order to profitably bring future generations of trade show products such as silicone edge graphics, to the trade show exhibiting marketplace.

 Out of all the suppliers of graphics in the trade show exhibition industry, Optima Graphics has distinguished themselves when it comes to the expertise they have in delivering trade show display products and services to their retailers. But how are they different? First and foremost, Optima understands their customer’s needs, both as a retailer, and a business partner, with a focus on the long term goals of the respective business partners and not the short term trials. Optimas' goal is to deliver both relationships to trade show exhibit retailers in a manner that makes them the preferred vendor in their respective market. By carefully planning not only future product roll outs, and keeping distributors informed of current trends, has allowed Optima the means to make the relationship in the present, an pleasurable challenge. Years ago, it was Optimas' bold move into the Lambda printing technology which is used in photo murals for pop up displays, that really turned heads in the exhibit industry. One of the many wonderful technologies that they’ve utilized that we take for granted, are dye sublimation products that are used with the VBurst display,which has revolutionized and revitalized the pop up displays segment of the market. Optima Graphics has certainly made a big difference in the delivery of product to the trade show industry.