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Burst Pop Up Display Shipping Case

Burst Molded Case | VBurst Accessories
Burst Molded Case | VBurst AccessoriesBurst Molded Case | VBurst Accessories
SKU: Burst Pop Up Display Shipping Case
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Burst Pop Up Display Shipping Case

  • Outside Dims: 25.5"w x 36" x 14.5"d
  • Circumference: 72
  • Weight: 26 lbs.
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Burst Pop Up Display Shipping Case

  • Molded Shipping Case with Wheels


Outside Dimensions: 25.5"w x 36" x 14.5"d Inside Dimensions w/o foam: 24.75" x 36" x 13.5" Inside Dimensions with foam: 24.75" x 34" x 13.5" Circumference: 72 Weight: 26 lbs.

Price: $310.00

Burst Pop Up Display Shipping Case: is a stylish molded case with wheels that is used for several pop up displays systems including the VBurst pop up display system. Its uniqueness comes from the hinged lid that has a compartment for lights.

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