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Economy Banner Stand Displays

Economy Banner Stands offer a wide range of print and hardware options that the more expensive banner stand models don't offer. In addition with the more traditional banner stands, the cost of the base is just a fraction of the cost of the graphic, but with the economy banner stands, the hardware and graphic often cost the same or are of simialr values. (more below)

Economy Banner Stands (continued)

But, what markets are the most likely to be attracted to the economy banner stand? Quite often the need for durability plays a major role in the final product that is selected. Economy banner stands are most desirable in high traffic situations or in places where the banner stand will be displayed in places the public can see it, and occasionally touchs it or bumps into it. In other words, economy banner stands are often chosen when there is a "durability issue" involved.

Other typical customers for economy banner stands, are sales organizations which have a large number of reps who are in the public eye and need a product to boost their visibility. The reason these work so well is because the cost of ownership is so low, therefore, when the sales message changes, it's not a major expense to replace the product if you initially purchased an economy banner stand.  

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