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Horizontal Profile-Panoramic System

Horizontal Profile Metal | Tension Fabric Displays
Horizontal Profile Dimensions | Tension Fabric Displays
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  • 8 foot length
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Price: $299.88

Horizontal Profile-Panoramic System: another great extrusion to add to the flexibility of the Panoramic system. 

In the trade show display market there always seems to be an ample number of suppliers of hardware and graphics keeping everyone supplied with products to sell. Pretty good new isn't it? The bad news is that most of these suppliers don't even know what they're actual roll should be. Optima Graphics is one of the notable few who understand their roll in the relationship and how they need to structure their business to serve them. Why do so many businesses struggle with working with distributor? I believe that the challenge begins at the top of the management chain where somebody has mistakenly assumed that business and subsequent loyalty comes from distributors as a result of having a group of prepackaged kits with graphics placed on each of the visual images, and an 800 number when you have a question. In this scenario management has decided ahead of time exactly how long everything should take, how everything should look, and if there is an exception, can be done differently.

Optima is way different in their approach! They maintain an ongoing dialogue with each distributor and they understand what their dealers have to tolerate each day and have decided to try and lighten their load and not add to it. Most of the problems they solve or the challenges they eliminate are not monumental, however if you don't take care of them one at a time, it soon becomes a big problem in the minds of distributors. This proves that by taking care of your distributors at the ground level, they will love you forever!