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Inside Corner Bracket-Panoramic System

Inside Corner Bracket | Panoramic Tension Fabric Displays
Inside Corner Bracket | Panoramic Tension Fabric Displays
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Inside Corner Bracket-Panoramic System: In the trade show display industry there always seems to be an ample number of suppliers of hardware and graphics to keep all the distributors happy and knee deep in inventory.

This is pretty good news for everyone isn't it? It's not good news when you realize that the very people who serve the industry don't even know what they're actual roll should be. Optima Graphics is an exception to the rule when it comes to relationships with their distributors and what it takes to successfully fulfill their mission in the relationship. Why do companies struggle with the basics of dealing with people like you would want to be treated? My observations tell me that trouble like this normally begins at the top of the food chain where the person at the top has lost his perspective and thinks that the best case scenario for the distributors is having a warehouse full of product, is doing the distributors a big enough favor. In this scenario upper management determined before-hand what length of time everything takes, what everything needs to be like, plus if can ever be done a different way.

Optima is different! They understand the difficulties that their distributors have to contend with and want to meet problems and issues head on and not let problems fester. Much of the time, the problems they deal with are not too great however if you added all the little ones together they would amount to a lot of frustration. Knowing this, I'm sure nobody will be surprised that Optima is everyone's favorite manufacturer!