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Internal Shelf Supports-Panoramic System

Internal Shelf Supports | Panoramic Tension Fabric Displays
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Internal Shelf Supports-Panoramic System: If you're familiar with the trade show market distributors of graphic products and hardware abound to satisfy the demand from the whole distributor network within this industry. Not bad news is it? 

Well not really. You'll find that most of the companies that service the show displays market don't understand what the actions of a world class supplier, even are. Optima Graphics understand the manufacturer-distributor relationship and what their attitude must be in working with them. Why do so many businesses struggle with working with distributor? In my opinion, the problem begins at the top where a manager figures that they have such a good deal for distributors, and the best thing for them is having an inventory of pre packed exhibits in brown corrugated cartons up on the shelves, just waiting for an order. In this scenario upper management determined before-hand how long it should take to do everything without regard for improvement, how each thing should appear, and if any of the above can ever be changed.

Optima is different! They maintain an ongoing dialogue with each distributor and they understand what their dealers have to tolerate each day and have decided to try and lighten their load and not add to it. Many times problems with distributors will occur, but if you don't take care of them one at a time, they soon get out of control. Knowing this, I'm sure nobody will be surprised that Optima is everyone's favorite manufacturer!