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IP Profile Metal | Tension Fabric Displays
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  • 8 foot length
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Price: $299.80

IP Profile for the Panoramic System: add more flexibility to an already great number of flexibile solutions for your display presentations. 

If you work anywhere within the show display industry distributors of graphic products and hardware abound to keep the distributors of these products, adequately supplied. This is pretty good news for everyone isn't it? The not so good news is that the majority of the manufacturers really aren’t very good at “taking care of” the network of distributors that they’re supposed to be serving. Optima Graphics is an exception to the rule when it comes to relationships with their distributors and what their attitude must be in working with them. Why is this so hard for so many companies to understand how to work with a distributor network? My observations tell me that trouble like this normally begins at the top of the food chain where somebody has mistakenly assumed that business and subsequent loyalty comes from distributors as a result of having a warehouse full of product, is doing the distributors a big enough favor. With this model of conducting business senior management has per determined what length of time everything takes, how each thing should appear, and if and when there will ever be any exceptions.

Optima is way different in their approach! They treat each distributor as an individual and want to learn from each one and attempt to solve problems; not add to them. Much of the time, the problems they deal with are not too great however if you don't take care of them one at a time, it soon becomes a big problem in the minds of distributors. It's no wonder that Optima has the best products and service in the industry too!