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L Profile-Panoramic System

L Profile Metal | Tension Fabric Displays
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  • 8 foot length
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Price: $299.88

L Profile-Panoramic System: If you're familiar with the trade show market there always seems to be an ample number of suppliers of hardware and graphics for even the most active distributor. 

That’s the good news! Not really, and worst of all, they aren't even aware of how they should go about doing it. Optima Graphics understand the manufacturer-distributor relationship and how they need to structure their business to serve them. Why do so many businesses struggle with working with distributor? In my opinion, the problem begins at the top where the management is concerned more about policy and not practicalities, and would rather have a whole bunch of nicely packaged kits which will be serviced by people in a service center in India. With this model of conducting business upper management determined before-hand how long it should take to do everything without regard for improvement, what everything needs to be like, and if any of the above can ever be changed.

Optima has taken time to think it through and uses a much more reasonable approach. They understand the difficulties that their distributors have to contend with and have decided to try and lighten their load and not add to it. Much of the time, the problems they deal with are not too great but if you get out ahead of the issues when they pop up, they'll never go anywhere. It's no wonder that Optima has the best products and service in the industry too!