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Large Panoramic Crate

Large Panoramic Crate | Tension Fabric Displays
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Price: $1,115.00

Large Panoramic Crate: If you work anywhere within the show display industry there never is a shortage of products available for even the most active distributor to keep the distributors of these products, adequately supplied. 

Pretty good new isn't it? Not really, and worst of all, they really aren’t very good at “taking care of” the network of distributors that they’re supposed to be serving. Optima Graphics is one of the notable few who understand their roll in the relationship and what their attitude must be in working with them. Why do companies struggle with the basics of dealing with people like you would want to be treated? I believe that the challenge begins at the top of the management chain where somebody has mistakenly assumed that business and subsequent loyalty comes from distributors as a result of having a group of prepackaged kits with graphics placed on each of the visual images, and an 800 number when you have a question. With this model of conducting business management has decided ahead of time exactly how long everything should take, how each thing should appear, and if logic should dictate, can it be done differently.

Optima has taken time to think it through and uses a much more reasonable approach. They treat each distributor as an individual and want to learn from each one and try to spearhead negative issues before they get out of control. Many times problems with distributors will occur, but if you don't take care of them one at a time, they soon get out of control. This is why Optima has a reputation as having the best quality and service of anyone!