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Lateral Joint-Panoramic System

Lateral Joint | Panoramic Tension Fabric Displays
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Price: $25.50

Lateral Joint-Panoramic System: fwith dye sublimation fabric panels and stylish coroners. 

If you work anywhere within the show display industry there always seems to be an ample number of suppliers of hardware and graphics keeping everyone supplied with products to sell. Pretty good new isn't it? Not really, and worst of all, they really aren’t very good at “taking care of” the network of distributors that they’re supposed to be serving. Optima Graphics is an industry supplier who comprehends how to treat their distributors and how to keep them happy. Why is this so hard for so many companies to understand how to work with a distributor network? In my opinion, the problem begins at the top where the person at the top has lost his perspective and thinks that the best case scenario for the distributors is having a whole bunch of nicely packaged kits which will be serviced by people in a service center in India. In this type of arrangement senior management has per determined how long it should take to do everything without regard for improvement, what everything needs to be like, plus if can ever be done a different way.

Optima is different! They treat each distributor as an individual and want to learn from each one and want to meet problems and issues head on and not let problems fester. Very few of the issues that they try and mitigate are too overwhelming however if you added all the little ones together they would amount to a lot of frustration. It's no wonder that Optima has the best products and service in the industry too!