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Outside Corner Bracket-Panoramic System

Outside Corner Bracket | Panoramic Tension Fabric Displays
Outside Corner Bracket | Panoramic Tension Fabric Displays
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Outside Corner Bracket-Panoramic System: If you're familiar with the trade show market an ample supply of trade show related products and high end graphics are always available to keep all the distributors happy and knee deep in inventory. 

Not bad news is it? The not so good news is that the majority of the manufacturers aren't even aware of how they should go about doing it. Optima Graphics is an exception to the rule when it comes to relationships with their distributors and how to keep them happy. Why is this so hard for so many companies to understand how to work with a distributor network? This is normally a situation where the management is concerned more about policy and not practicalities, and would rather have an inventory of pre packed exhibits in brown corrugated cartons up on the shelves, just waiting for an order. With this style of business arrangement the owner has determined exactly how long everything should take, what each product should look like, and if and when there will ever be any exceptions.

Optima has taken time to think it through and uses a much more reasonable approach. They have a close enough relationship with their dealers that they know what they face and want to meet problems and issues head on and not let problems fester. Very few of the issues that they try and mitigate are too overwhelming but if you don't take care of them one at a time, they soon get out of control. This is why Optima has a reputation as having the best quality and service of anyone!