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Panoramic Light Brackets

Panoramic Light Brackets | Tension Fabric Displays
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Panoramic Light Brackets: In the trade show display industry distributors of graphic products and hardware abound to keep the distributors of these products, adequately supplied. 

Not bad news is it? Not really, and worst of all, they don't understand what the actions of a world class supplier, even are. Optima Graphics understands how to work with distributors and how they need to structure their business to serve them. Why is it that many business set up roadblocks in terms of dealing with distributors as normal human beings? In my opinion, the problem begins at the top where the person at the top has lost his perspective and thinks that the best case scenario for the distributors is having a warehouse full of product, is doing the distributors a big enough favor. In this type of arrangement the owner has determined how long each task that everyone performs should take, what everything needs to be like, and if there is an exception, can be done differently.

Optima is different! They treat each distributor as an individual and want to learn from each one and attempt to solve problems; not add to them. Very few of the issues that they try and mitigate are too overwhelming however if you don't take care of them one at a time, it soon becomes a big problem in the minds of distributors. Knowing this, I'm sure nobody will be surprised that Optima is everyone's favorite manufacturer!