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Perfect 10 Custom Modular Displays

10 & 20 Ft Perfect 10 Custom Modular Hybrid Displays:  There's nothing quite like the Perfect 10 Portable Hybrid Displays. Easily recognizable, utterly unforgettable. More below..

When you name a product Perfect 10, it had better be perfect and with Perfect 10 you get flawless visual performance at every trade show. Look to Perfect 10 Portable Hybrid Displays for trade show exhibits that blend large graphics, sexy curves, and portable assembly into a stunning trade show exhibit at a sweet price.

 Classic Exhibits has created several new outstanding trade show exhibit products in the past few years that take advantage of lighter weight materials such as extruded aluminum and fabric, to bring new high demand products to the trade show exhibit industry. How did Classic come up with the right formula for success in the wake of a down economy over the past 4 years? While everyone else was developing new exhibits with heavier, large shape extrusions, and building more formidable structures, Classic realized that certain metal that they had in inventory could offer attractive new price points if utilized in future product offerings. As they proceeded ahead based on good intuition and some careful planning, they were able to introduce a whole group of successful displays that have as a group brought new life into the custom modular hybrid displays segment of the trade show industry. Classic produced and patented the Perfect 10 custom modular hybrid display system, plus the Sacagawea and Magellan Miracle tension fabric displays. At this moment, Classic is being very assertive in the market when compared with other manufacturers of trade show exhibits, which has put them in a leadership position where they will be well equipped to be a market leader as they move into the future.

ShopForExhibits, a long time seller of trade show displays, continues to broaden its' web site product lines with improved product offerings such as trade show flooring, and the exciting new exhibits in the modular hybrid displays line. To keep up with the business activity they forecast in the future, has recently gone live with an entirely new web site which presents prospective customers with an elevated level of product support along with product videos and graphic templates. Many challenges lie ahead for retailers in this fast paced industry, which is often confronted with reacting to a variety of business downturns, due to the uncertain economy. Being successful in any business climate requires a level of superior product knowledge and selling skills in order to successfully be able to bring the next generation of trade show exhibit products such as silicone edge graphics, to the exhibiting business community.