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Pop Up Display Cases

Pop Up Display shipping cases come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate a wide variety of pop up trade show exhibits  that need a variety of packaging. Some of them have the availability to utilize a case to counter conversion kit while others are just high quality shipping cases that get the job done at a reasonable cost.

The job of serving our clients who are looking for trade show exhibits is an vital roll in our trade show displays business. We can't be content to just take an order, process it, and move on to the next one. Even though time sometimes gets a little short, we have to be prepared to step back and take the time to walk our clients through their purchases, which will create the kind of relationship that will eventually bring them back as repeat customers. When you call us at ShopForExhibits, you can expect our sales professionals to know what they're talking about, and to be able to advise you appropriately in the display products that you are interested in

Very few things in life are quite as sure as change, which is why having a trade show display provider like Classic Exhibits has helped so many distributors weather the difficult economic times through the development of so many new high demand products. What steps did they take to succeed during a time where not a lot of new innovation was coming out in the trade show industry? They happen to notice that one or two of the aluminum shapes that they'd been purchasing at that time, had a significantly lower cost per linear foot as opposed to others, and concluded that those extrusions should first be considered for future product development. With the help of a innovative staff and a solid vision of the future, they've been able to bring to market, a series of well received new lines of custom modular hybrid displays. Some of the more well received product lines that were developed during this 2 year period of time were the patented Perfect 10, Magellan Miracle, and the Sacagawea custom modular hybrid displays; all instances of the new wave of tension fabric displays in the trade show market. For the distribution network for Classic Exhibits products, the future looks bright due to the creativity and ingenuity on Classic’s part, and some great marketing through a program they created called exhibit design search, which is an internet search program for trade show exhibits which we utilize extensively on the web site.