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Sacagawea Display Circle Graphic Replacement

Trade Show Displays | Sacagawea Replacement Circle Graphic
SKU: 18" Circle Graphic - profile cut & drilled
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As the colors of your products change,  you can quickly and easily match the canopy color to your new product colors to keep that color consistancy. 

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Price: $125.00

Circle Graphic Replacement for the Sacagawea Display: This item is the rigid circular graphic that mounts to the front of the frame of the Sacagawea trade show displays displays. It can be printed on white or clear materialmatched to your PMS color number.

Having the ability to adjust to a changing market in the trade show display industry is the evidence of a great supplier, which is what Classic Exhibits has been so skillfully able to accomplish. How did Classic come up with the right formula for success in the wake of a down economy over the past 4 years? They happen to notice that one or two of the aluminum shapes that they were already purchasing at that time, had a significantly lower cost per linear foot as opposed to others, and concluded that those shapes should first be taken into account for future product development. As Classic proceeded ahead based on good gut level instincts and some careful planning, they were able to introduce a whole series of successful display products that have as a group injected new life into the custom modular hybrid displays segment of the trade show exhibit industry. Some of the more well received product lines that were developed during this 2 year period of time were the patented Perfect 10, Magellan Miracle, and the Sacagawea replacement graphic custom modular hybrid displays; all examples of the new trend of tension fabric displays in the trade show market. With all the great new product offerings that Classic has to offer, it’s no surprise that Classic holds a strong market position with their distributor network, and appears not to be letting up one bit as they march into the future!

ShopForExhibits, a nationwide distributor of trade show displays, is expanding their online product offering with exhibit displays in the rapidly expanding tension fabric displays category. By launching a new state of the art web site, ShopForExhibits plans to keep pace with future growth challenges by delivering to new prospects the knowledge and product information needed to build confidence in an expanding online retailing strategy. As a result of the recent economic climate, that is anything but predictable, online retailers have to be flexible in what they offer the buying public as well has being sensitive to the declining price point that companies are able to pay for trade show exhibit related products. Not every business will succeed in successfully bringing new products such as tension fabric displays, to market via the internet, but ShopForExhibits has positioned themselves in a positive manor through their industry and product experience, and on line communication skills, to have the best possible opportunity to succeed in this most competitive industry.