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Sacagawea Large Backwall Tension Fabric Graphic

Trade Show Displays | Sacagawea Replacement Graphics
Trade Show Displays | Sacagawea Replacement Graphics
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Large Sacagawea Back Wall Graphic

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Graphic Dimensions

91" x 81.75

Price: $1,028.00

Sacagawea Large Backwall Tension Fabric Graphic: The graphic described here is the main graphic panel for every Sacagawea replacement graphic 10 or 20 foot trade show display. See the graphic dims PDF for finish sizes and other pertenant imformation.

Nothing is quite as sure as change, which is why having a trade show exhibit provider like Classic Exhibits has helped so many distributors weather the difficult economic times through the development of so many new cutting edge products. What steps did they take to achieve success in a time where not a lot of new innovation was being introduced in the trade show industry? They happen to notice that certain aluminum shapes that they were already purchasing at that time, had a significantly lower cost per linear foot compared to others, and determined that those extrusions should first be taken into account for future product development. As they moved forward based on good gut level instincts and a little careful planning, they've been able to bring to market a whole series of successful display products that have as a group brought new life into the custom modular hybrid displays market. Some of the more well received product lines that were designed during this time frame were the patented Perfect 10, Magellan Miracle, and the Sacagawea custom modular hybrid displays; all instances of the new wave of tension fabric displays in the trade show market. Those distributors of trade show display products who represent the Classic Exhibits line, now have a very impressive selection of exceptional display products from which to choose from.

ShopForExhibits, a long time distributor of trade show displays, continues to broaden its' web site product lines with improved product offerings such as trade show flooring, and the exciting new trade show exhibits in the modular hybrid displays line. To sustain this growth, ShopForExhibits has just launched a new web site that gives the user a host of enhanced customer and product support features. As a result of the recent economic climate, that is anything but predictable, online retailers have to be flexible in what they offer the buying public as well has being aware of the declining price point that companies are willing to pay for trade show related products. The majority of people in the trade show business will struggle in the coming months to successfully market new products such as modular hybrid displays, but because of their years of experience in the trade show industry, coupled with their competitive web site skills, SFE appears to have what it takes to lead the pack.