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T Profile-Panoramic System

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  • 8 foot length
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Price: $385.56

T Profile-Panoramic System: In the exhibit display world there never is a shortage of products available for even the most active distributor to keep the distributors of these products, adequately supplied. 

This is pretty good news for everyone isn't it? It's not good news when you realize that the very people who serve the industry don't even know what they're actual roll should be. Optima Graphics understand the manufacturer-distributor relationship and how to keep them happy. Why do companies struggle with the basics of dealing with people like you would want to be treated? As far as I can tell, the issues described here begin at the top of the organization where the management is concerned more about policy and not practicalities, and would rather have a whole bunch of nicely packaged kits which will be serviced by people in a service center in India. With this style of business arrangement senior management has per determined how long each task that everyone performs should take, what each product should look like, and if and when there will ever be any exceptions.

Optima has thought it out and has come to a few different conclusions. They treat each distributor as an individual and want to learn from each one and want to meet problems and issues head on and not let problems fester. Generally speaking, a lot of the problems that distributors face aren't too large, but the sum total of all the issues they solve are monumental in the minds of the distributors they serve. This proves that by taking care of your distributors at the ground level, they will love you forever!