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VK-1053 10 Ft Visionary Designs


VK-1053 10 Ft Visionary Designs:  The Visions line up of trade show displays will simply amaze you with its design, function, and affordability. The lightweight Visions framework, (lends itself to being an affordable choice as far as shipping, while allowing anyone the ability to easily set up a Visions trade show display in any number of configurations, with no experience necessary. The makings of a superior exhibit system can for the most part, be confirmed by how economical the display is to provide service for, such as in securing replacement graphics, and the time frame in which it takes to get them. Visions by Classic has outstanding customer service, and through distributors like ShopForExhibits, they provide customers with templates, file prep guidelines, and graphic upload sites to make the experience almost effortless. Businesses such as Classic Exhibits, who manufacture the Visions product line of displays, specialize in customer support to make the purchase of additional products an opportunity to resell the client on the benefits of the company they are working with.

In the internet trade show display and trade show flooring business, the function of truly serving our clients is a crucial function that can't be overlooked. We must understand that we are the people who are given the task to ask questions too, and learn what the client's objectives are for the product they're attempting to purchase. Normally, our clients will be glad to hear our opinion about the product they're considering purchasing, which ultimately, validates their judgment too. That is why we, as service professionals at ShopForExhibits, have the real world experience in order to advise our clients properly and give them the direction they need to create a valuable exhibiting experience for themselves.

Having the ability to adjust to a changing market in the trade show exhibit industry is the sign of a great supplier, which is what Classic Exhibits has been so creatively able to accomplish. What did Classic see that gave them the initiative to forge ahead during bad economic times to create new marketable products? While everyone else was developing products with bulkier, large shape extrusions, and building more formidable structures, Classic realized that certain metal that they had in inventory could offer attractive new price points if utilized in future product development As time went on, they were able to bring to market from their original plans, a whole handful of creative new display products with a range of price points to appeal to a whole spectrum of custom modular hybrid display customers. Leading the list of new custom modular hybrid displays is the Perfect 10 followed by the Magellan Miracle and Sacagawea tension fabric displays. Right now, Classic is being very aggressive in the market in comparison with other manufacturers of trade show booths, which has put them in a leadership position where they will be well prepared to be a market leader as they head into the future.









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  • Manufacturer: Classic Exhibits, Inc
  • Lead Time: 10 Working Days
  • Setup Time: 30 - 60 Minutes
  • Warranty: Lifetime


VK-1053 10 Ft Visionary Designs

  • Includes Tension Fabric and Direct Print Graphics Shown
  • Includes Case/Crate Option with Customized Packaging
  • Excludes Monitor
  • Made in the USA
  • Portable Modular Assembly: Locking Hex Key Connections (tool included)


VK-1053 10 Ft Visionary Designs

  • Large Format Tension Fabric and Direct Print Graphics
  • Reconfigurable 10 ft and 20 ft. Inlines
  • Engineered Aluminum Extrusion
  • Large Monitor Option
  • Lightweight iPad Counter Inserts
  • Ample Lockage Storage
  • Fabric-lined Custom Crate with Reusable Packaging
  • Made in the USA  

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