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VK-1324 10 Ft Visionary Designs


VK-1324 10 Ft Visionary Designs:

There's usually a tradeoff when it comes to elegant design vs. versatility. But not with the "Bella Flore" design series. These remarkable exhibits are upscale and distinctive, yet packaged with a multitude of practical features. The flowing counters include ample storage. There are multiple shelves. The tension fabric and direct print graphics are designed to work seamlessly on the inline and island versions. There's even a closet with a full size door on all three versions, a rare luxury for any exhibitor with product samples. Regardless of whether you choose the 10 ft. 20 ft., or island kit, you'll know you made the right decision for your current and future trade show needs.

 All Visionary Designs combine vibrant tension fabric graphics, durable aluminum extrusions, and elegant laminates into an unmistakable island or inline trade show exhibit. Browse through the Visionary Designs Galleries with almost 100 display ideas to choose from. Don't see exactly what you want. No problem. We'll design a display that fits your unique vision and at a price that meets your budget.

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  • Manufacturer: Classic Exhibits, Inc
  • Lead Time: 10 Working Days
  • Setup Time: 30 - 60 Minutes
  • Warranty: Lifetime


VK-1324 10 Ft Visionary Designs

  • Includes All Tension Fabric and Direct Print Graphics Shown
  • Includes Fabric-Lined Crate(s) with Customized Jigging and Reusable Packaging
  • Excludes Furniture, Carpet, and Accessories
  • Made in the USA
  • Custom Modular Assembly: Locking Hex Key Connections (tool included)


VK-1324 10 Ft Visionary Designs

  • Large Format Tension Fabric Graphics
  • Engineered Aluminum Frame
  • Reconfigurable 10 ft., 20 ft, and Island Designs
  • Full-size Closet
  • Locking Storage (in pedestals)
  • Elegant Curve/Angle Shape
  • Individually Numbered Components for Easy Assembly
  • Fabric-lined Custom Crate with Reusable Packaging
  • Made in the USA

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