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ShopForExhibits Getting Started

We realize that when delving into something new like the world of trade show exhibits, it can at times be frustrating; especailly when you've never been to a trade show before. If that's the situation that you're in, let me break it down and offer a way of looking at the process that may make it a little more palitable. First, try focusing on these 3 main areas of the process:

1) What you need to know about Purchasing a Display -

This is a subject that should be taken very seriously and may in fact, determine your success or failure in exhibiting at trade shows. We can only cover the main points in this section and hope that in addition to reading our material, you take the time to look on the internet and seek out articles on this subject written by other knowledgable people in our industry to further round out your education.

Order Help

First, if you're uncomfortable with the whole process, just give us a call and we'll be happy to walk your through the whole process, and you never know, you might end up enjoying it in the end!

Design Services

To assist our cients, we have an on staff designer who can take whatever images or files you have and built a graphic program that will represent you well with whatever display system to choose for your company. The process if very informal, so even if you've never been down this road before, you'll be comfortable with not only the process and the outcome.

Search Thousands of Exhibits and Displays

One of the best services on the interernet for the exhibit industry is the "Exhibit Design Search." which provides one location for you to see thousands of well designed displays of all sizes and price points to find that perfect one that fits both your need and price point. 

Search Ad Specialties, Giveaways and Gifts

Looking for a message that lasts? Why not add your logo to the perfect "give-away" and let your message carry itself back to your clients office or home and have it remind them of your brand the whole year long. If you're new to the exhibit business,

Exhibitor Resources

Our job is to make the selection and production process for our clients, as comfortable and effortless as possible, so to do that, we've crreated a whole library of resources that are available to assist not only the beginner and professional who are engaged in the exhibiting process.  

Articles that may be of interest:
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Display Rental vs. Purchase
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 Reality Check for Exhibitors
A Modular that Makes Sense

YouTube Videos: 
Rental Displays
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2) What you need to know about Show contractors at show site.

If you're new to the exhibit business, there are some lessons that you need ot learn sooner than later. Why? Because not knowing about these can cost you a lot of money real fast depending on the size show and where it's being held. Here are a few articles and YouTube videos by Lowell Nickens, owner of SFE, with what he feels is some of the most important and relevant information that YOU NEED TO KNOW, which is taken from his 32 years in the exhibit busines. 

 Articles that may be of interest:
A Definitive Guide to Understanding Trade Show Material Handling
Drayage, Labor, Shipping, and Trade Show Survival

YouTube Videos: 
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Ordering Show Electrical
Drayage: How to Save Money
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3) Getting the most benefit from your investment: What you need to know about marketing yourself and your product at Trade Shows.

Video at Trade Shows
8 Tips on How to Make Your Next Tradeshow Video a Success

Articles that may be of interest:

Boothmanship is a topic which relates to the art of how to conduct yourself at trade shows to get the most benefit from the experinece. Hopefully can, through our suggestions, be of assistance to you as well. 

Socail Media at Trade Shows
4 Ways to Use Twitter at Your Next Trade Show

Your Trade Show Display & Your Web Site

YouTube Videos:
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