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Custom Modular Hybrid Displays

Magellan Custom Modular Displays

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 10 & 20 Ft Magellan Displays | Trade Show Displays by ShopForExhibits


A New Twist on the Typical Modular Display


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10 & 20 Ft Magellan Custom Modular Hybrid Displays: Get a jump on your competition with the Magellan line of Custom Modular Hybrid Displays from Classic and see what curves can do to feature your product. (more below)

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The use of dye sublimation graphics combined with the large radius extrusions will make the Magellan Displays the stand out booth in any lineup of trade show exhibits at any show. With Magellan, you can ask for and get much less from you new hybrid trade show booth. By less we mean that the Magellan Trade Show Displays cost less, is lighter weight, and will on average, set up in much less time than any competitor. 

All Magellan Modular Displays are created from MODUL extrusions with fabulous curved pieces and large dye sublimation graphics for a look that will bring envy to your competitors on the show floor. The Magellan can be purchased in 10 and 20 foot increments. Accessories for the Magellan include portable workstations, monitor mounts, halogen lights, and pedestals.

Now big time success on the show floor can be portable and fun at the same time. Take a look at the huge lineup of exciting designs in the Magellan Displays section of  Custom  Modular Hybrid Displays  from, or look on design search to see hundreds of great displays.

ShopForExhibits, a nationwide marketer of trade show displays, is expanding their internet product offering with display booths in the rapidly expanding tension fabric displays category. In order to support the business increase which they forecast for the future, SFE has recently gone live with a new web site that gives an enhanced level of client support in the way of video demos and enhanced product support. Many challenges lie ahead for retailers in this fast paced industry, which is often faced with reacting to a variety of business downturns, due to the uncertain business climate. Not every business is able to successfully bring new products such as tension fabric displays, to market via the internet, but ShopForExhibits has positioned themselves in a positive way through their industry and product experience, and on line communication skills, to have the best results in this most competitive industry.

Having the ability to adapt to a changing market in the trade show exhibit industry is the sign of a great supplier, which is what Classic Exhibits has been so creatively able to accomplish. What did Classic see that gave them the initiative to forge ahead during bad economic times to create new marketable products? Classic noticed that they had several shapes of aluminum extrusions that that they already purchased that gave them an exceptionally large amount of linear footage per dollar when compared to others. As Classic moved forward based on good gut level instincts and some careful planning, they've been able to bring to market a whole series of successful displays that have as a group injected new life into the custom modular hybrid displays market. Classic developed and patented the Perfect 10 custom modular hybrid display system, plus the Sacagawea and Magellan Miracle tension fabric displays. As a result of all the great new trade show exhibit offerings that Classic has available, it’s no wonder that Classic maintains a leadership position in the market with their distributor network, and appears not to be slowing down one bit as they march into the future!

Custom Modular Hybrid Displays

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Custom Modular Hybrid Displays |Trade Show Displays by ShopForExhibits

Custom Modular Hybrid Displays describes a type of trade show exhibits that have been constructed from a variety of materials such as fabric, metal, acrylics, laminates, and wood. These custom modular hybrid displays are created in all varieties of shapes and sizes, and the free flow of creativity in designing them is what makes them truly unique and in such demand in the market today. 

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We're particularly proud of the selection of display systems that we represent on ShopForExhibits because of their originality, quality, and variety of options from the Magellan to the Visions, Segue, Perfect 10, Eco Smart and finally the Sacagawea. carries perhaps the largest catalogue of custom modular hybrid displays in the courtry. We not only carry the lineup of modulars from Classic Exhibits, but have availablity to most evey display manufacturer and supplier in the courntry. So before you shop elsewhere, take a look at the outstanding products and values we bring to you, and give us a call.

 Adapting to changing market conditions is what every great trade show exhibit supplier is required to do, and Classic Exhibits, to the elation of their trade show display distributor network, has shown their ability to accomplish just that. When other suppliers were content to stick with a group of tried and true existing products, why did Classic venture out and risk valuable time and capital to create new products? They happen to notice that certain aluminum shapes that they were already purchasing at that time, had a significantly lower cost per linear foot in comparison to others, and determined that those shapes should be considered for future product development. As Classic proceeded ahead based on good intuition and a little careful planning, they were able to introduce a whole group of successful display products that have as a group injected new life into the custom modular hybrid displays segment of the trade show display industry. You may have been aware of some of the excellent new lines that Classic Exhibits developed recently, starting with the Perfect 10 and Magellan Miracle tension fabric display systems, followed up with the Sacagawea custom modular hybrid display system. As a result of all the great new exhibit offerings that Classic has to offer, it’s no surprise that Classic maintains a leadership position in the market with their group of distributors, and appears not to be letting up one bit as they charge into the future!

ShopForExhibits, a long time distributor of trade show booths, continues to broaden its' web site product lines with improved product offerings such as trade show flooring, and the exciting new exhibits in the modular hybrid displays line. By launching a new state of the art web site, ShopForExhibits hopes to keep pace with future growth challenges by delivering to new prospects the knowledge and product information needed to build confidence in an aggressive web retailing strategy. As a result of the current economic climate, that is anything but predictable, online retailers have to be flexible in what they offer exhibitors as well has being aware of the declining price point that companies are willing to pay for trade show related products. Many people in the trade show business will struggle in the coming months to successfully market new offerings such as modular hybrid displays, but because of their years of experience in the exhibit industry, coupled with their competitive web site skills, SFE looks to have what it takes to lead the pack.








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